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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pot O' Pretty Flowers - Quiet Book

I have been looking at other bloggers' posts about making Quiet Books for their children and have been really inspired to work on one for Katelyn.  She is so loud in church now!  I started the first page about 2 weeks ago and have worked on it a little here and there.  I finally got it finished this week!  Check out all the pics under "Read More."

 The page details are all done in felt - all the embroidery was done by hand.  Each flower was designed to be unique with different shapes, colors, and decorations.  My niece helped me with the daisy at the top!  You can see details of the flowers below.

The flowers are attached to the page by a button so she can pull them on and off, rearrange them as she wants.

The page "base," if you will, is unbleached domestic and the yellow panel is just an inexpensive piece of cotton material - it was machine-appliqued to the unbleached domestic piece.

I have patterns drawn up for 7 or 8 pages total and am excited to get started on the others, too!


  1. how cool!!
    my grandmother used to make stuff like this for us kids all the time and we loved it!
    we had a noah's ark with detachable animals :]
    i've been trying to get her to teach me how to sew like this for a while now, you are blessed that God made you so talented at artsy projects!

  2. really??? i just found out about these books a month or so ago and have been fascinated with them since then - partly because i'm very interested in embroidery right now and partly because i'm very interested in things that keep my crazy kiddo quiet!!!

    thanks for the love :)


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